Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Under the rain

Okay first off this one got a little wordy and a lot more depressing than I thought it would. Who would have thought that character would form like that. There is mention of death in here, so if you would rather not read it go ahead, again all these are first draft drables, I'll probably refine them later not sure.
Always, when it rains I remember, I hide it from Ash and Carri, they think I’m just a bubbly teen who’s good at hunting those things. The closest that I know of them getting to them has been pretty much when I wound one and they finish the job. Ash usually needs blood samples to try to find a way to cure it, she still thinks they can be saved. I just want them all dead. Ash never had to hear the wailing of those things wound, hoping to call loved ones to help to make their feasts last longer.

Four days I sat in that damned oak bow drawn waiting for a chance to save my family. I should have never left them… But we were out of food, Papa couldn’t hunt anymore, his leg was too badly damaged, and with Trin sick, we couldn’t leave her alone. Papa had stayed in the village with her and at thirteen, I had slipped into the woods to take down some grouse, I didn’t think I could carry back a deer or moose on my own, Papa struggled to do that when he could hunt.

I wasn’t even gone an hour when I could hear the first screams filtering through the woods, night beasts had charged into the village. Which was why I had taken to the trees, the monsters herded everyone into the village center, I could see Papa, holding my sister. Trinity was only five. She lasted two days in the rain. Papa did all he could to keep her warm, but the rain was too much for her cold. He found me when her last breath had left her. I could see the pain in his eyes. That was when he and the other men of the village tried to fight back. They told everyone to run… I stayed where I was, wrapped in my cloak trying to help the others escape.

When Papa fell, a claw tearing through his neck I knew, like he did, that it was over. I stayed low, huddled against the tree wishing I could make a fire to warm myself, but not daring to. I remember falling asleep, expecting never to wake up, but the army had found me. The Elder had managed to send out warning before the attack. I was warm, reasonably safe, and the lone survivor of the village.

The one that found me had been an alchemist who was travelling with them, trying to find some way to repel, if not destroy the night beasts. Ashley. The soldiers had wanted to leave me saying they didn’t have time to take care of a brat kid, it had been Ash that had reminded them I had survived. She didn’t ask me how, but did keep me close. Four years, guess I should thank her for that at least. I would have never gotten the pack that took out my family without her help.

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