Thursday, April 5, 2012


This one is just fluff.  Hope you enjoy.

“Will you keep that brat under control?”  This was Captain Anders that was growling as he barged into the ruins.  The young girl he had by the arm was sniffling making me growl.

“Anders, unhand her.”  I held out my hand and he let her go.  Angie came to my side moving a bit behind me.

“She was stealing rations.”

“I was helping the cook and he said I could have some cookies that’s all Miss Ashley.” 

I smiled warmly at the young girl, Alexander had a soft spot for orphans, having been raised as one.  I knew he had been trying to help keep her calm.  “Anders, if you’re going to scare the girl over every little annoyance that bothers you then do it verbally only and in my presence.  You know she’s been keeping her weight around here, if it wasn’t for Angie here you guys wouldn’t have the fresh deer she took out yesterday.”  I kept my arm around her.  “I will not tolerate you treating her like she’s just extra baggage.  If Alex was allowing her to have some snacks he probably thought that she could use some extra weight, it’s not a big deal.  It’s not like we don’t have supply drops at normal intervals while we’re hunting for this pack.”

“If she gets in the way again I’ll have you and the brat shipped back to Seatak.”

I had to laugh at that, if I was sent back to civilization I would be bringing the girl with me there was no doubt about it.  If only to add more to Anders’ annoyance, though I had a feeling that with how Alex was acting, if she didn’t come back to the keep with me, she would be going to the village with him.  Either way she was going to be given a new home.

I just had to keep her alive for now so she’d make it to the cities. 

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