Sunday, April 1, 2012

Give up

This is theme 93, but yes it's the start of my little story.  I think with the themes I'll stick with the same three characters I have a world already forming in the back of my head so yeah some of these may be a little longer than 300 words.

Anyway!  the story.

Carri pinned Angie down.  I could hear Angie squeal with laughter as our resident cyborg tickled her.  As long as the pair stayed away from my potted plants I really had no problems with the rough housing of my two companions.

 “Say it Hunter, all you have to do is say it and I’ll let you go.”

“Like hell I will you damned robot.” 

I glanced up almost giggling a little when Carri easily held Angie down with one hand.  Angie, all four foot six of her lithe frame was struggling the best she could against the unforgiving hand.  I had seen Angie take on creatures twice her size in weight alone, though without her blades and arrows she wasn’t strong enough to go against Carri, who before the accident that took her right arm and both legs from the knees down, had been a soldier for the State army. 

“Hey Ash come on gimme a little help here.”

“Oh no way, you are not dragging me in on this fight.”  I caught the green eyes of our monster killer looking at me and shrugged it off.  After all it wasn’t my fight, and I knew Carri wouldn’t really hurt her. 

“See now come on say the words already, you could have escaped this hours ago you stubborn girl.”

“Belmons never give up damn it.”  Angie struggled a little more trying to get free still.

“Well not the way you wanted Carri, but she did say the words, better let her up.”  I was giggling now, couldn’t help it the way Angie was growling reminded me of a cornered fox.  Carri let her go getting to her feet.

“You’re lucky the doc jumped in Angie, you gotta learn more self defense kiddo.”

“I do fine armed.”

 It was my time to speak, after all I was the only one of our little trio that tried to avoid fighting.  Being a pacifist exile in a post apocalyptic world run over by creatures of science… Really sucks at times.  “Armed yes, but you know as well as I do we’re not always armed.  I barely scrape by in a match with the little hand to hand combat I know, and sorry to say it Angelia, I can best you in unarmed combat, even distracted by my plants.”

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