Thursday, February 2, 2012

Constantly changing ever the same (Part one)

Please forgive me this is another one that I haven't finished.  It's setting is steampunk, though I do love the main character.  It'll be interesting to develop it further, Meghan Wolfe is hard to write, she's unlike a lot of my other characters.  Constance is a blast to write when she gets loud.  Though who wouldn't want to write a mechanic with an airship and a noble mission?

The smell of salt water, machine oil and a hint of rosehip tea greeted me as I was escorted into the cabin by Alexander, I could feel him pause in wonder, after all we had been 'kidnapped' by pirates, at least as far as he knew. 

"Constance," I called softly hearing her squeal in delight.

"Meghan, you know how hard it was to actually pull this off."  Arms wrapped around me, Constance stood five foot even, and her muscled arms almost made me think a young man was holding me.  She put me down with a laugh; I could tell she was looking at my guide.  He was new; Father had insisted that I should never go outside without one. 

“And you are a life-saver Constance, I do not think I would have lasted much longer playing arm candy to the Duke of Fe Ral, he’s uncouth, paws at me constantly, and if it were not for Alexander here I would probably be trying to fend him and his men off with how much he had to drink.”

“So that was who the guy I hit with the wrench was… Should have hit him below the belts.”  I heard her stomp her foot and giggled.  “Enough of that welcome aboard Bahamut’s Strength.  Captained by yours truly Constance Aerie.”

The way the fabric ruffled I knew my childhood friend was doing the whole extravagant bow for Alexander’s benefit.

“It’s okay Alexander, we are quite safe, Constance may be a pirate, but she’s the only person I trust in the world.  So much we’ve been through together after all.”

“And you still insist on speaking like a lady around me.  Really we both know a lady I am not.”  She grinned.  “And don’t worry, you’ll be returned home after the ransom’s paid, that is if you agree to keep the code.”

“Why should I trust you?”  Alexander was tense beside me; the shock of the airship had worn off.  Pity, I enjoy the tour each time we gain a new soldier.

“Because Constance is one of the ones trying to free our country Alexander,” I took a few steps forward, my hand out.  Constance led me to a rail.  “Father has been bought by the Izi, as has most of the council including the Duke.  This little game funds the resistance, I asked for you as my guide because I know what has been done with your hometown.”  I turned facing him.  “Most people think that my conditions make me blind and deaf.  I do not tell them otherwise.”  This was the part of things I actually hated.  After all, I had to admit that I was betraying my home country for the sake of the world.  So far no one had ever walked away from the deal.

“How long have you researched me then?”

“Since the Battle of Dreamoch, Constance has a full platoon of Mechanichs; we are looking for the right kind of soldier who would be willing to think on his own to lead them.”

“I won’t lie; most of them are just kids, orphans with no homeland.  We’ve run small skirmishes to test the skill of both machine and pilots.  I can give you Airboss wages for six months, unless you wish to return with Meghan to protect her from pawing hands.”

“I can give you an honorable ‘death’ your family will be compensated as if you were killed in action.  Once the war is over you’ll be allowed to return to them.”

“Are you sure this one’s going to?”  Constance’s words were whispered low.  I gave a small nod.  He had to agree to it, there wasn’t anyone else that I’d trust to the prototype my cousin had built.  I had never seen the machine, but so far eight pilots had been unable to conquer it.  I was hoping Alexander would be different.

“You know I won’t fight needlessly anymore.  Too many innocent people are being hurt by this war.”

“You will be allowed to take battles you feel are honorable.  That’s how this outfit works sir.”  Constance spoke calmly, I could hear the heel of her boot hit the floor and knew she snapped to attention.

“How long do we have before your father will pay?”

“Two weeks, I hope that it will be long enough to show that we do mean business.  As much as I like having a pilot as my guardian, I know that it is not what you wish for.  I will give you back the skies.”

“You have two hours before I find a way to alert your father of your treachery.”

Constance moved before me and I touched her arm.  Nodding I was up for the challenge.  “Constance, where are we now?”

“Just over Suian.  Why?”

Meant we had met up an hour after being taken.  “Take us to Becala; I want him to see one of the shelters we use.” 


“I am risking my life as well.  I am sure that once he sees that we are aiding the commoner and the poor alike he will agree.”

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